Richard Goggins
Principal, Fahy NS, Co. Mayo

Listen. Read. Record.

Our school has benefited from the full range of News Mag Media publications over the years. We have been fans of The Primary Planet and News Flash for many years now. From early days when we were new customers we have found the magazines to be engaging and our pupils could not wait for them to arrive. The support material that is available is second to none and all of our teachers report hugely positive outcomes from utilising the magazines for literacy activities in class.

We have been lucky enough that many of our pupils have had the opportunity to have their work published in The Primary Planet and in News Flash and this has led to fantastic boosts in self-esteem and self-confidence for those pupils and indeed their peers.In the past school year, we have purchased The Fact Factory magazine and associated pen for use for pupils and have found this to be an amazing addition to our support for pupils.We have found the News Mag Media team to be fantastic to deal with and I would highly recommend any school to use all of the range of publications available.