Our Free to Read Pledge

Helping Make Our Magazines Free for Those Who Need Them

An important part of our mission to get young, marginalised readers reading is ensuring The Fact Factory is available to those most in need. 

We want every child with print disabilities to have the opportunity to enjoy a printed magazine (just like that of his or her peers) that is engaging and accessible.


We understand that we are living in unprecedented times and that not all parents of children with print disabilities have the means to purchase The Fact Factory. That is why we need to form partnerships with organisations,  libraries and schools around the world, to create reading corridors of inclusion and accessibility for those in need.


SETs, class teachers, tutors and librarians are best placed to identify the children most in need. By asking libraries and schools to purchase a Fact Factory reading kit, real opportunities for engagement and inclusion – without any risk or burden of cost on children and families – are created. 

Libraries where The Fact Factory is free to read

To date, over 200 public libraries now include The Fact Factory reading kit among its collection of reading resources. 

This commitment by libraries ensures that children with print disabilities have free access to a magazine series that is written and recorded for them. 

In many cases, the child is able to rent out the kit from their library and enjoy the reading experience in the comfort of their own home. 

Having this resource available for such children and families enables Audio Mag Media to make good on its promise of making The Fact Factory free to read for all. 

The more libraries that come on board, and help us create reading corridors of accessibility for children, the better for all. 

Counties in Ireland where The Fact Factory is free to read for all …

Leitrim, Roscommon, Longford, Offaly, Dublin (County), Dublin City, Meath, Carlow, Wexford, Monaghan, Cork (County), Cork City, Kerry, Waterford, Limerick and Tipperary. 

Locations in the UK where The Fact Factory is free to read for all …

Newcastle, Bradford, Luton, Somerset, Aberdeen, Portsmouth, Brighton, Cumbira, Norfolk, Bracknell, Reading, North Tyneside and London

If your library or school would like to include The Fact Factory among your reading resources, making it free to read for young readers, please get in touch at info@audiomagmedia.com