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Welcome to The Fact Factory – the world’s first audio-print STEAM magazine series for children aged 7+. Every issue of The Fact Factory is carefully crafted (written and recorded) to provide young readers with a diverse range of informative and fun facts on STEAM topics – animals, insects, the body, famous people, engineering and sea creatures – that can be accessed through both text and audio, thus developing and nurturing a love of reading, regardless of fluency or reading needs. The Fact Factory truly is the most accessible and inclusive magazine series in the world – an essential literacy resource for today’s young learners.  

Every issue is professionally recorded by a talented team of child voice-over actors from around the world.

The Fact Factory characters deliver an engaging mix of fun facts to cater for all interests and reading levels.

The Fact Factory is designed, written and recorded with the needs of developing readers in mind.

The Fact Factory offers an accessible screen-free reading experience for children with print disabilities.

This really is no ordinary magazine

The Fact Factory reading kit provides young readers with the very best that both online and offline print publishing has to offer. In collaboration with Gridmark Inc (Japan) and its G-Talk 3 pen, young readers can enjoy a truly accessible and immersive reading experience through an assistive device (pen) that unlocks audio files embedded on every page. Imagine a printed magazine that children listen to like that of an audio book – from start to finish, or anywhere in between.

As every issue of The Fact Factory is professionally recorded by a talented team of child voice-over actors from around the world, young readers – children with print disabilities, young gifted & talented readers, English-language learners and reluctant readers – can choose to read, listen or read along with Andy, Izzy, Brody, Heidi, Sayid and Brooke, as the characters deliver fascinating facts on animals, insects, the body, famous people, sea creatures and iconic buildings.

In a nutshell, the mission of Audio Mag Media and The Fact Factory is to make reading accessible to all children. They deserve nothing less.

For Readers with Dyslexia

Developed in collaboration with the Dyslexia Association of Ireland, The Fact Factory provides readers with dyslexia a literacy resource that supports their needs and provides real opportunities for reading for pleasure. 

For readers with Visual Impairment

Developed in collaboration with the National Council for the Blind of Ireland, The Fact Factory includes raised markers throughout to enable visually impaired readers locate and activate the embedded audio codes using the G-Talk 3 pen.

Recording your Reading

With the G-Talk3 pen, readers can press record on the pen and practise reading, answer questions and leave spoken comments. These recordings can be saved to the magazine and played back by the child, or deleted. 

Recorded by Children for Children

The Fact Factory is professionally recorded by a talented team of child voice-over actors from around the world. No A.I. or computer-generated voice over is used, helping creating a real connection between characters and readings.

For Readers of Braille

Visually impaired customers will have free access to a downloadable Braille Ready Format file (.brf), kindly created by Jean Tomlinson from The Manchester Sensory Support Service (MSSS), UK.

For Reluctant and E.A.L. readers

The Fact Factory offers engaging and interactive gateways for reading for pleasure for reluctant readers and for children with English as an additional or second language 

  • Bite-sized facts for readers of all ages
  • Large font for children with print disabilities
  • High quality images and illustrations
  • Engaging and Inspiring STEAM content to captivate readers

Seeing and hearing is believing and reading

  • Raised tactile markers and guide bars to guide visually impaired readers to audio activation points
  • High quality and engaging audio recordings
  • Audio word glossary included for vocabulary development
  • Extra fun activities and puzzles linked to every issue
How to activate the pen
Click here to watch a short explainer video on how to activate your G-Talk3 pen to each new issue of The Fact Factory, listen to each fact, and access the audio glossary.
How to record with the pen
Click here to watch a short explainer video on how to record with your G-Talk3 pen (practise your reading, communicate with parents and teachers, answer questions).
How to switch languages
Click here to watch a short explainer video on how to switch between languages in the bilingual editions of The Fact Factory
An Essential Literacy Resource for Today's Learners

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