For Visually Impaired

The Fact Factory Visually Impaired edition provides young readers with the very best that both online and offline (print) publishing has to offer. In collaboration with Gridmark and the G-Talk 3 pen, young readers can enjoy a truly accessible and immersive reading experience through a pen that unlocks audio files embedded on every page. Imagine a printed magazine with the capabilities of an audio book.


Each month (12 monthly issues in the year), we will notify you when the latest printed edition is about to be posted to your home. You then log on to the website, connect your pen to your computer and upload the audio files from the latest issue. Seeing (and hearing) is believing (and reading).

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We pride ourselves in making The Fact Factory the most accessible and inclusive magazine in the world. With smart technology and subtle-but-practical modifications, a Print & Pen edition for young visually impaired readers is available to purchase.To help children locate the audio activation points on every page, we place raised markers on each of the audio icons throughout the magazine. These enable children to locate the audio icons through touch. Once they know where the activation points are, they can touch the pen off the spot and listen to the facts read aloud. This V.I. edition has been produced in collaboration with the NCBI (National Council of the Blind, Ireland).

A Children’s Audio & Print Magazine

Every issue of The Fact Factory is professionally recorded by a talented team of child voice-over actors from around the world. Coupled with the G-Talk 3 pen, young readers can listen to their magazines like that of audio books – from start to finish, or anywhere in between.

An offline solution to digital content

Some parents or children may prefer their young reader to spend time away from screens and devices but don’t want to sacrifice accessibilities and support features. With the G-Talk 3 pen, an unique off-line solution is achieved that enables readers to work from a printed magazine resource, but avail of

Available in braille

Each monthly magazine contains vocabulary development and enrichment opportunities. This is achieved through a series of bolded words. When a child taps their pen of one of these words, an audio definition is activated. When this ends, the child can return to reading and listening as normal.

How to Activate the Pen

Click here to watch a short explainer video on how to activate your G-Talk3 pen to each new issue of The Fact Factory, listen to each fact, and access the audio glossary.

How to Record With the Pen

Click here to watch a short explainer video on how to record with your G-Talk3 pen (practise your reading, communicate with parents and teachers, answer questions).

How to Download Your Audio

Click here to watch a short explainer video on how to download your audio files to the pen for each new monthly issue and delete old recordings.


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