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La suscripción digital de Fact Factory brinda a los lectores jóvenes acceso a la aplicación The Fact Factory, donde estarán disponibles 12 ediciones mensuales para leer tanto en línea como fuera de línea a lo largo del año. También podrá descargar de forma segura cada edición a su dispositivo.


Cada mes, le notificaremos cuando se haya subido la última edición a su sala de lectura. Al suscribirse a la suscripción digital de The Fact Factory, su joven lector puede disfrutar de una experiencia de lectura verdaderamente accesible e inmersiva a través de una combinación de tecnología de audio y video, en teléfono, tableta o PC.

Suscripción Anual (12 ediciones)
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The World’s First Audio Mag

Every issue of The Fact Factory is professionally recorded by a talented team of child voice-over actors from around the world. This enables young readers to listen to their magazines like that of audio books – from start to finish, or anywhere in between.

A Read-Along Magazine

As the audio plays, the text highlights on the screen in time to the spoken words. This enables children to ‘read along’ with the characters. We are the first publishing company to implement this feature in any children’s magazine.

Read Along
Video Facts to Support Learning

A number of pages in the magazine contain content-related videos for children to watch and enjoy. Many children benefit from additional context and cues and this safe, engaging and visual approach is fully embedded in the magazine. This means no links to external websites (YouTube, Vimeo, etc) are required.

Watch a fact
Interactive Features

Each issue of The Fact Factory contains a number of fun and interactive puzzles and activities to help aid comprehension, recall and retention skills among the readers. These unique features will help keep the most reluctant of readers engaged while offering mind-breaks from continuous reading and listening.

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Vocabulary Enrichment

Each monthly magazine contains vocabulary development and enrichment opportunities. This is achieved through a series of internal links, leading to an audio and image glossary of word explanations and definitions. To assist reading flow, once a reader gets brought to the glossary, they can easily tap and return to the fact or page they were originally on.

A Truly Accessible Magazine

The Fact Factory has been created and developed in collaboration with the Dyslexia Association of Ireland and the National Council for the Blind, Ireland to ensure best practice has been implemented. This allows for the publishing of a truly accessible publication. As you will see, this is no ordinary magazine.


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